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We sell a range of alkaline and specialist batteries including A23, A544, A27, LR44, 4LR44 and button batteries from Duracall, Energizer and GP. Plus we offer free delivery on everything.

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GP are a trusted brand synonymous with producing innovative and reliable batteries and chargers These LR44 alkaline coin cell batteries (also known as A76 or V13GA) can be used for a variety of applications such as small electronics, watches and calculators GP Alkaline Coin Cell Batteries offer superior performance and durability over cheaper unbranded coin cells Also known as A76, V13GA, AG13, G13, PX76A, GPA76, KA76, SR44, SR1154, 357, EPX76, SR44W, 228, 280-62, 303, 303-1, V303, D303, SP303, V303, 357, D357, V357, GS14. D357H, SB-B9, V357, L1154 or LR1154
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GP A23 high voltage remote control battery Common in security devices, garage door remote controls and doorbells This high quality alkaline battery offers superior performance with a long operational life, as well as performing at a wide range of operating temperatures Also known as A23, 23A, MN21, LRV08, 23AE, E23A, V23GA, GP23A, 8F10R, 8LR23, 8LR932, CA20, K23A, L1028, MS21, RVO8 or VR22
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