Save Money On Ink

How do you save money on ink?

Your first decision is to firstly work out whether your existing printer needs replacing for a more up to date printer.  Technology moves fast in the IT and PC World and it may be worth opting for a new mid range printer than choosing to replace your cartridges with say your old budget printer.  For example if you use HP 301 cartridges, the ink capacity inside a standard black cartridge is only 3.5ml. Opt for a Canon printer that uses PG540 Black and your ink capacity is 8ml but the cost to buy the cartridges are only slightly more expensive (about £3).  Furthermore if you buy our PG540XL Black remanufactured ink cartridges that contain 12.5ml of ink which sell for the same price of Genuine HP 301 black ink cartridges you will gain 4x more printed pages for less money.  Click here to view our remanufactured Canon PG540XL Black ink cartridges.


Why buy remanufactured ink cartridges?

Well they're cheaper to start with, price is obvious.  However there are more reasons, such as saving the planet.  By using our remanufactured ink cartridges you help contribute towards reducing carbon footprint.  Plus it takes thousands of years for a used cartridge to decompose so you are reducing landfill if you buy a recycled ink cartridge.  Less energy is used to create a refilled cartridge than to create a new one which reduces the manufacturing cost and precious materials aren't used up.  Furthermore when we collect used cartridges from our customers we also donate to charity.  So far we have raised over £67,294 for CHILDREN with Cancer UK by recycling empty ink cartridges.  In effect you are giving to the planet and to charity whilst saving costs.


Do they always work?

Not always - thats the honest answer.  But they work 99% of the time.  We have specialist equipment to electrically test and print test the cartridges before they are sold.  With technology, however, things sometimes can go wrong.  Items can get damaged in transit or the chip can fail after multiple uses. The good news is that we have a great warranty on the product with a no quibble guarantee.  Just let us know within 30 days of buying the product and if it is found to be faulty, we will replace it.


Will they show ink levels?

Generally no.  Sometimes they may show partly used ink levels showing on your PC or printer but most will display low or empty ink.  This does not affect the page yield or printing quality however.  Ink level software was created by HP to increase purchase frequency, nothing more.  Of course it can be useful allowing you time to buy a new cartridge before you run out of ink but generally the manufacturers just want you to buy more ink more frequesntly so they can make more money from you.  The ink level software just counts pages printed, it does not necessarily mean the cartridge is empty.  It does not know how much ink is inside the sponge of the cartridge and many customers change the cartridges too early thinking they are empty because of the ink counter.  We would recommend only changing the ink cartridge when you see no ink left on the page you are printing. Canon printers will require you to press a button to remove the low ink warning.  When you see the low ink warning just press and hold the red cancel button for 5 seconds and this will enable you to continue printing. If you are installing two cartridges you may need to do this twice but not necessarily at the same time, only when you see the low ink warning pop up.


Print Head Cleaning

We recommend that you should clean your print heads using your printer software to obtain the best quality from your ink cartridges. You can do this by either accessing your printer software or by using your PC software that came with the printer.


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