Whats the difference between Canon PG545 and PG545XL ink cartridges?


Canon has two different black ink cartridges in the PG545 and CL546 range. The standard capacity ink cartridge has 8ml of ink inside whereas the PG545XL has 15ml inside. The standard capacity cartridge has a smaller sponge inside whereas the PG545XL has a large sponge inside so it can hold more ink.  When buying PG545XL refilled or PG545XL compatible ink cartridges please beware that some unscrupulous sellers are disguising standard capacity cartridges as XLs by simply putting an XL sticker over the top of the cartridge.  We know this is happening industry wide unfortunately on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.  However there is an easy way you can tell if you really have received an XL cartridge.  Please see the image below showing that the standard capacity cartridge has lots of small hole in the cap of the cartridge meaning you can't fit a large sponge inside.  If you have received a small standard capacity cartridge when it was advertised as an XL please contact eBay or Amazon customer services by opening a case or an A to Z claim.  The seller will obviously try to wriggle out of it claiming it was an error however it's very obvious and these types of mistakes just don't happen with a reputable company.  At Office Beaver we ensure we only use the correct cartridge for our Canon PG545XL black refilled ink cartridges so our customers can be assured of getting the real thing. 


You can also watch our short video here.


 What is the difference between Canon PG545 and PG545XL ink cartridges?



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