Whats the difference between HP 62 and 62XL ink cartridges?

HP have two sizes of ink cartridges.  HP 62 black and colour standard capacity ink cartridges and HP 62XL black and colour high capacity ink cartridges.  The ink cartridges in the HP 62XL have larger sponges so they can hold more ink and print more pages.  Original HP 62XL ink cartridges effectively produce up to 3x as many prints than the standard capacity cartridges at a reduced price per page.


HP 62 Black - 4ml
HP 62 Colour - 4.5ml
HP 62XL Black - 12ml
HP 62XL Colour - 11.5ml


Unfortunately if you are buying HP 62XL remanufactured or refilled ink cartridges many sellers on eBay and Amazon are dishonest and are using standard capacity ink cartridges and putting an XL sticker over the top in the hope customers won't notice.  However we only sell Ink Jungle refilled ink cartridges which always use XL cartridges with the larger sponges and have produced some images below to help consumers how to tell the difference between a fake 62XL and a real 62XL refilled ink cartridge.


What is the difference between HP 62 black and HP 62XL black ink cartridges

What is the difference between HP 62 colour and HP 62XL colour ink cartridges

How to check if HP 62XL black ink cartridge is real

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